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Many people hate sales. “I don’t know what to say.” “I am afraid to approach people.” “I don’t know how to close the deal.” “I don’t want to seem pushy.” I’ve heard these and many more reasons why a lot of people are not comfortable with sales and decide that sales are not for them.

However, what if I tell you that nobody likes to be sold anything but everybody loves to buy. So sales are about understanding what a person wants and finding a solution to their problem that will make their life better.

Moreover, sales are everywhere. You need to “sell” your skills at a job interview, your point of view to a friend or a colleague, and your expertise or product to a potential client. If you understand sales, it will transcend your life in many positive ways.


Topics: understanding personality types, communication skills, how to close, objections and rebuttals, etc.


Topics: understanding personality types, communication skills, how to close, objections and rebuttals, product understanding, company’s sales strategy and goals, etc.


“I had the fortune to spend a short period of time with Gil. He has been an amazing and supportive mentor. He pushed me to develop all of my abilities, and apply my learned skills not only professionally, but in my interpersonal relationships as well. Gil’s knowledge of human behavior and how we interact with each other is in depth and extensive.
Through the personality reading and interaction training he provided me, I was able to attain a 6$ per hour (10k per annum) raise through the midst of a single meeting with my managers at a company I had only worked with for 4 weeks.
I have been able to develop my communication skills with family and friends based on Gil’s training as well. I now find it easier to understand the wants and needs of others and myself, and how to express these things to people I had not been able to get through to in the past in ways that they are able to understand and support.
Gil has had such a positive influence on my life. I am blessed to have had the time with him that I did, and eternally grateful that even though my life has taken me far from Gil physically, that he is still there to offer me support and encouragement from afar.
As always, thank you Gil!”

COREY BICKLE, Google review

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