Master Of Ceremonies (MC)

We keep everyone entertained, the energy high and the dance floor full. We engage with your guests and get them interested and involved in the party. Something we know how to do very well. We make Introductions, communicate with you the DJ and the catering staff to make sure that everyone is in sync. We play a few party games depending on the style of event and kind of atmosphere that you want to generate. Our pure goal is to make sure the event is one to remember.

Motivational Speaker

One of the best motivational speakers, conference speakers, inspirational speakers and keynote speakers for conferences, conventions, corporate events and speaking engagements for all over the world. Renowned in the industry for lightning-fast response time, we ensure that your valued time is not slowed or wasted. We value our clients which is what we show them with every action we take

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Lessons for your Wedding Dance

This package is designed to create a personalized routine to the wedding song of your choice. You chose the song and we mix it to custom fit the routine that we create for you. We all know how important it is for everything to be perfect for that day.  So we commit ourselves to go the extra mile, to get you the things you desire to make that day the most beautiful day of your life. This will add so much to your experience that you’ll never forget it.


As a choreographer, I take the opportunity to express my artistic, energetic personality through the creation of dance. I design it and direct the routines for music videos, shows, commercials, tv shows, movies, performances and much more.

Gilfred Bynoe working with With Areli Perea, Jessica Lee, Cynthia A., Jennifer Toledano, Maya Lallouz Fuks and Julia-Sarah Ouaknine.

Photography / Filming

What I do is I get to know your stories then translating them into genuine, warm, life-filled photographs. Connecting with you brings me joy and I take great care to make sure you feel comfortable and happy. I do the same whether I'm filming your events or taking photographs of them.

What Now...?

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