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Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Gil Bynoe has been lucky enough to have the chance to experience a lot in his life.

Growing up immersed in his culture, he was automatically dancing in the dancehall scene.

Starting at the age of 4, he studied the art of tap dance for 4 years. At the age of 8, he became interested in hip hop and began to self-teach from watching videos and dancing with family and friends.

At the early age of 11, he formed a hip hop crew (Gilfred and the KRS posse) consisting of himself, his sister and 2 cousins. They danced around the Montreal area at various events and talent shows.

At the age of 13, realizing that he had the gift to inspire people to learn, he started to teach others for fun and loved it.

At the age of 18, he joined an agency and started to act and dance in various videos, commercials and TV shows. At the same time, he joined a Latin troupe (San-Tropez) and learned to dance Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. After doing this for 2 years, he had an opportunity to start teaching Latin dancing and Hip Hop around Montreal.

Even then, Gil was already a visionary, increasing his skill base by doing volunteering work as a camp counselor at a community sleep-away camp, and adding music, acting, martial arts, and basketball to his list of hobbies.

Having the soul of an entrepreneur, he opened up his own studio (X-Treme Dance Performance Art School) with a business partner at the age of 20. They started with only 10 students in the first week and within 3 months the school grew up to 60 students. After 2 years of existence, Gil realized that the direction he wanted to go in was not the same as his partner’s so he bought his partner’s share of the school.

The challenge was a big one and Gil realized that he could not grow as much as he wanted to personally, professionally and in business all at the same time. He then decided that the 3rd year was to be the final year for X-Treme Dance until he could find a business concept that would allow everything to grow simultaneously and successfully.

This experience set the stage for his current successes in the dance community and established him as a savvy young businessman.

He then concentrated on his work in sales (of which he had six years of experience), to manage a telemarketing company for two years. He also was animating for an entertainment and DJ crew Superior Sound.

Ask and you shall receive… Going back to his passion…

Wanting to really explore how many different dances that he has in him, he started to train to teach Rhythm and Smooth Dances at Arthur Murray Franchise Dance Studio.

After two years of working at Arthur Murray, he then got promoted to being the Manager of the studio. However, due to differences of opinion for the direction of the company, sadly, after two years of managing the studio, he felt it was time to part ways.

He then opened Access Ballroom Studio in 2009, pushing the envelope and finding his niche as well as choreographing for artist’s videos and shows.

In 2013, he started as an MC for DJ James Karls Entertainment and surprisingly found out just how well he could get a crowd to raise their energy level.

After the issues with the dance studio building manager, the landlord, and the Province, Gil realized that Quebec was not the place to properly build his empire. He then moved to Toronto, Ontario, to truly explore how far he could help people to grow as well as how much he could grow as well.

He loves this city and looks forward to what the future holds.

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